Unrivaled Prototyping Service You Wish to Have Yesterday

Our prototyping service is not just rapid, but also producing high-quality hardware with the touch comparable to mass production.  Well, some of our customers even take our prototype hardware to fulfill market trials and initial mass production shipments.  Whether you are visualizing your idea to pitch potential investors, preparing a crowdfunding campaign, assembling a demo to present to the management, fabricating engineering samples, or doing an NPI production batch, we always keep in mind your demand in reliability, performance, time-to-market, and affordability.

Besides the traditional rapid PCB fabrication, procurement service, certification assistance, and mock-up prototyping services, we also offer the following services that can help you progress beyond initial development stage:

Rapid Injection Tooling - MP-grade injection mold tooling that surpasses 3D printing in terms of production speed, surface finishing, per unit cost, and many other aspects.

Small Batch SMT -  PCBA with fine pitch components produced by high-end mass production equipments, not home-use toaster.  Require die-bonding process on your board??  No problem.

LCD Display Fabrication - low power, high-quality, yet cost-effective TN and STN LCD display modules with your icons and artwork under standardized design rules.  Perfect for battery-powered and IoT devices designed for low power consumption.

RF Tuning - Fine-tune the RF design and antenna matching to get the maximum performance at product level for your great creation.

Too good to be true?  Got to be sky-high charges?  The answers are yes, and no.  We keep our offers affordable by spending years in process standardization and capitalizing our knowledge and experience in electronics manufacturing, as well as leveraging components such as:


  • Pre-certified RF Modules
  • Build Kits designed for deployment
  • Standard Component Library
  • Cloud service dedicated for CE products
  • Product Design Template


We are a manufacturer who understands how software, apps and cloud works together with connected hardware devices, particularly in the IoT and mobile applications.  You don't have to worry about dealing with a disconnected CM.  Drop us a message now and let's discuss how we can help in your next successful project!