Cost-effective and pre-certified Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5.0 LE (WiBlue) module for dual-mode smart devices and gateway applications with shield.  This module enables IoT cloud connectivity to BLE devices.  For non-shielded version, check out EC864FPA.


  Wi-Fi BLE
Antenna Type PCB PCB
Chipset ESP8266 Texas Instrument CC2640
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n radio

Bluetooth 5.0 LE Single-mode

(backward compatible to 4.x)

PROCESSOR 80MHz low-power 32-bit RISC 48MHz Cortex-M3 for applications
Dedicated Cortex-M0 for RF
MEMORY 4096kB Flash + 64kB Boot ROM
64kB + 96kB RAM
128kB Flash + ROM
20kB + 4kB RAM
RF Max +20dBm Tx in 802.11b mode
Up to -98dBm Rx in CCK-1Mbps
Up to -91dBm Rx in CCK-11Mbps
Max +5dBm Tx
Up to -95dBm Rx
60mA Rx
215mA Tx @ 19.5dBm CCK-1Mbps
10uA deep sleep
5.9mA Rx
6.5mA Tx @ 0dBm
100nA deep sleep
  • 38.0 x 21.5 x 3.3 mm
  • Dual-mode Internet of Things (IoT) Devices
  • Wi-Fi-to-Bluetooth Gateway
  • Home Automation Hub
  • IoT Message Display
  • RC and Interactive Toys
  • Building Automation
  • Multi-protocol M2M Data Transfer
  • Wireless Alarm and Security
  • Remote Control and Assisted Livin
  • Lighting and HAVC Control
  • Full Wi-Fi and TCP/IP (Ipv4) protocol stack
  • Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz with WPA / WPA2 support
  • Station / softAP / Station+AP mode support
  • Wi-Fi Direct (P2P) support
  • Hardware engine for encryption and authentication
  • UART, SPI, I2C, and GPIO interface
  • 12-bit 200ksps ADC
  • I2S, RTC, CapSense
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Castellations pins for hand soldering



Bluetooth 5.0 LE Single-mode (backward compatible to 4.x)