GT-tronics is a fast-growing product manufacturer and solution provider focusing on innovative and connected electronics market.  The company was formed in 2007 by a group of talents with extensive experience in Internet computing, wireless communications, and electronics manufacturing.

GT-tronics' solutions comprise standardized wireless modules, customized hardware design, firmware and software development, manufacturing services, and maker community support to help bring technology to life and ensure the best user experience and the most cost-effective product design under the challenging and fast-moving market environment.  We are currently shipping over a million pieces of wireless modules annually, which are used in audio, industrial, consumer electronics, healthcare, IT, and home automation applications.  Our customers range from crowd-funded ventures to some of the world's strongest brands.

Core Values

We believe in creating values through innovations, and we have never stopped innovating since the company's formation.  In 2010, we redesigned a 2.4-inch video playback product from ground up and helped our customer break the USD 10 FOB product cost.  In 2011, we developed the world's smallest Bluetooth Classic module with integrated antenna and built-in SPP profile for integration into a heart rate and activity monitor watch.  In 2012, we launched the first NFC module in the market for Bluetooth pairing, and developed the first Android app for NFC pairing with Bluetooth speakers and headphones.  In 2013, we broke the 1 US dollar mark for the cost of a Bluetooth Classic module by streamlining and automating the production and test procedures.  In 2014, we deployed a full AJAX based shop floor system which enabled direct functional test for Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices.

Even with many years of experience and involvement in hundreds of product development projects, we are still working like a start-up today.  Through creative thinking, continuous learning, and careful listening, we create more, newer, and better values for our customers.  Also highly disruptive products to the marketplace.



GT's manufacturing and design capabilities include:

  • RF connectivity
  • Embedded processing
  • App Development
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Mechanical Design
  • Prototyping & Mass Production
  • Type-Approval & Certifications
  • Production Test & Manufacturing